Swedish Cream Wafers

This recipe is originally from an old Betty Crocker book…

1 C butter
1/3 C heavy cream
2 C flour
sugar to coat cookies

Beat ingredients lightly together. Chill for awhile (an hour or so). Roll out dough and cut round cookies. I like to roll these thin so they are nice a crispy. After cutting them cover both sides with sugar. You can poke the cookies with a fork but I find if they are thin this isn’t as necessary. Bake at 375 for about 10 minutes (or shorter) until slightly golden. Make a cookie sandwich using filling…there is a filling that goes with this recipe. It is a buttercream like frosting but I usually like to use whatever frosting I am feeling that day…these are some of my favorite for the holidays.

Oh look…I found a link to Betty Crocker but they have changed the filling. The original filling included an egg yolk…

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